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“Amazing Pilates instructor, dance background, knows how to get in touch and helps you move every fibre in your body!”


“I am so glad I discovered Pilates with Simone prior to my pregnancy and continued with classes right to the end. I always leave classes feeling better and have no doubt that the focused exercises helped me to stay fit and well throughout the 9 months.”


Simone’s studio is a pleasure to work out in and the small classes mean there is lots of personal instruction to ensure you are doing the movement correctly. I’ve been amazed at the swift improvement in the strength to more core since taking up pilates. I gain more from a pilates class with Simone than going to the gym.


I have severe Scoliosis (33 degree curve) and experience pain everyday. Thank goodness I found Simone! With her instruction over the last couple of years, my daily pain levels are low, most people have no idea I have a curve (or pain), and I can do all the things I love; like ski in excess of 50 days a year! My orthopedist says that as you get older you’re ability to compensate gets harder. He’s right; and that’s why I’ll be working with Simone till I’m old and grey! 


Strength, flexibility, endurance and calm focus. All of these essential skills for a healthy, balanced life are cultivated by Simone in each of her individual clients. After 2 and a half years of weekly reformer pilates work with Simone I can walk tall with confidence and a better posture. I can take her wisdom from the studio into long shifts on my feet at work, and maintain a strong core as I bend and lift and twist. I can’t imagine healthy ageing without a regular pilates practice. I look forward to continuing to build and maintain a strong core and to preventing injury, wear and tear on my body. Your body is a precious commodity and I believe reformer pilates with Simone is a priceless investment in a better, balanced life. 

Dr Sherina Beth Mubiru


“I have been attending Pilates classes run by Simone. My wife and I are both in our mid seventies. My wife has been practicing Pilates for over 10 years and is firmly convinced it has been of great benefit to her.
Naturally she was constantly encouraging me to also start, but I was quite hesitant. Fortunately through a mutual friend I came into contact with Simone and was reluctantly convinced to give it a try. Very un-expectantly I have been extremely impressed with the Pilates system of exercising, and have grown to look forward to my weekly class. As a result I have gradually become more aware of my body movements and the overall improvement that has been achieved is very evident.
Simone is a very dedicated and compassionate teacher who is genuinely passionate about the Pilates discipline. I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone with an interest in exploring the Pilates discipline at any age, even extending to senior years like myself.”