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Covid19 update

The pilates studio closed its doors March 22nd 2020 because of Covid 19. A virus that has changed the way we interact, work, socialise and exercise! Please everyone stay safe, keep exercising at home! I hope to see you all return to the studio when it is safe for us to do so. Take carer

A big virtual hug

Simone xx

Australian Pilates Method Association Member

I am a Level 3 professional pilates practitioner and member of the Australian Pilates Method Association and amassed more than 3,500 teaching hours:)

Check out the APMA to see the rigorous training standards they require of all their instructors:)

Revelation and Fall

Dancers Simone Clifford & Robert Canning

Revelation and Fall choreography by Glen Tetley 1984

One could easily view life as a series of revelations and falls. No matter what path we choose to express ourselves in during our lifetime.

My goal has always been to discover, interpret and ultimately make peace with the life I’ve been given. There always seems more to do, more to learn, more to discover. No matter what age and stage of life, every new moment potentially heralds a new beginning. And potentially more revelations and falls! But hopefully as we get more experienced in life these even out.

My journey with the body, training it and disciplining it from a young age into adulthood has lead me to experience many revelations and falls throughout the chapters of my life. Movement of the body is my expression. For me this is life. Movement both healed and nurtured me. This lies at the heart of every dancer and it doesn’t stop once the professional dance career ends. And it needn’t exist only in the dancer’s domain!

The healing properties of movement through the modality of Pilates can be experienced by everyone because the body loves to move (it does not like to be static for prolonged periods). Moving in controlled, purposeful ways soothes the mind, harmonises the relationship of mind and body easing the nervous system for enhanced feelings of well being.

Everyone needs Pilates no matter if they are in a revelation or a fall period of their life.

No matter what age or stage of life you are in!


Pilates Beginnings

Four years may sound like a long time but gosh it’s flown! Four years ago, I opened my studio and waited nervously for my first enquiry. I was relying on friends to let their friends know about the new local Pilates clinic in Mitcham. I was passionate about movement for health, having always related to movement my entire life as something that kept me healthy and positively focused in my life. I was hoping word would spread and my clinic would grow.

I started my own business because I felt constrained and restricted working for others’. Feeling a lack of oxygen in the air, I was gasping internally. I knew I was a unique sort of person (of course aren’t we all!) however, I had been in touch with my uniqueness all of my dancing days and this intense desire to explore, experience and celebrate my uniqueness merged with the Pilates. I needed to step out alone. Don’t get me wrong there wasn’t anything wrong with the people I was working for. In fact, they were revered in their own right. These highly successful individuals taught me a great many things along the way and I have so much to be grateful to them for. They exampled how to turn dreams into reality; I wanted to do the same for myself. I had a feeling about my dreams, these were anchored in teacher, movement explorer, intuition and creativity and the belief in the body’s ability to change and heal through movement. Mine was never going to be a cookie cutter Pilates setting. For, in the same way I wanted to honour my own individuality, I also wanted to honour the clients’ individuality, their uniqueness and the story their bodies told. Surely with my lifetime of movement working as a dancer, teacher and choreographer for a range of ages and nationalities across multiple countries, I could embue my background knowledge and wisdom into my Pilates training to make a difference in people’s lives. And, help them achieve the things they wanted to do with reduced body pain and hopefully effortless movement in their activities. 

That was four years ago, and now starts the 5th year of running my Pilates clinic in Mitcham. I feel gratitude and appreciation to all my clients for their loyalty, trust and on going support and to the many teachers who have shared their knowledge and passion with me over the years. For I value understanding pathologies and how to move the body depending on the condition or pathology present in the body. Lastly I want to thank my family, friends and colleagues who have encouraged and helped me along my personal journey of discovery.