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Covid19 update

The pilates studio closed its doors March 22nd 2020 because of Covid 19. A virus that has changed the way we interact, work, socialise and exercise! Please everyone stay safe, keep exercising at […]

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Revelation and Fall

Revelation and Fall choreography by Glen Tetley 1984 One could easily view life as a series of revelations and falls. No matter what path we choose to express ourselves in […]

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Pilates Beginnings

Four years may sound like a long time but gosh it’s flown! Four years ago, I opened my studio and waited nervously for my first enquiry. I was relying on friends to let […]

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It’s just so fulfilling seeing clients getting stronger and overcoming the physical barriers that once upon a time used to interrupt their day to day activities!

Now they experience greater physical freedom!

Freedom that allows them to focus on the things that interest them in the moment!

Well done everyone 🙂

See you next week for class :))

My dancing days

Four Last Songs

Choreography Jonathan Taylor