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People of all ages come to the clinic. Some of the following may be relevant to you…..

If needing surgery, your surgeon may recommend Pilates pre surgery and or post to strengthen those areas of concern. 

Many start because of Lumber back pain or persistent pain episodes and the stress and discomfort that comes with having a “bad back”.

Pain and discomfort from osteo-arthritis or Osteoporosis diagnosis also benefit from Pilates due to the low impact springs resistance training exercises of the Pilates Method.

We care for your spine and work daily with clients affected by spinal pathologies. We also refer to medical practitioners where appropriate to help you get the best treatment and outcomes possible.  

Come visit us! Let us introduce you to our beautiful Pilates clinic and experience for yourself the personalised attention clients enjoy.

Classes can be also be focused on specific activities and needs such as

Pilates for Skiers

Make the most of your ski experience by improving your agility, strength, mobility, balance and co-ordination and a strong core.

Pilates for Postural Alignment

Without good postural alignment we often feel pain in the body and this can lead to spinal pathologies like disc bulge or even hip pain affecting the way you walk or sit. Strengthening postural muscles gives the spine and joints the support needed to walk tall and sit straight. 

Pilates for Scoliosis

When posturally weak, our spinal curves are exaggerated. With Scoliosis there are 2 main components; structural and postural components affecting the sideways curves and rotations and these are often worse than they need to be. Pilates can reduce asymmetrical load and lessen the power of this progressive cycle! 

Pilates for Dancers

Dancers are athletes! Improve your external hip rotation (turn out) and pelvic stability as well as ankle, back and shoulder mobility and strength. Pilates also improves the proprioceptive system vital for the developing dancer and sculpt muscles for a longer leaner body and line. 

Pilates for Pre and Postnatal Care

Move throughout the term of your preganancy with the low impact muscle strengthening exercises of Pilates.

Develop core stabilisation; engagement of the deep abdominal, pelvic floor and back muscles to support the spine and keep you feeling good before and after baby arrives.

Pilates for Mobility and Stability

Stability enables us to co ordinate actions with timing and sequencing. Ultimately, it is the body and brain’s ability to sense itself in relationship to its environment and make effective adjustments instantaneously to match the individuals requirements.

Learn core mobility and dexterity. Feel grounded, balanced, safe, centered and ease and grace when moving.