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Private Pilates Clinic, Mitcham, Victoria

Hi, my name is Simone, and I am a APMA qualified Level 3 Professional Pilates Practitioner with a Diploma in Pilates Movement Therapy APMA and registered APMA member who is passionate about Pilates as movement therapy. And this is me with my dog Lexie!

I worked for many years with the Nederlands Dans Theater as an elite dancer, where I began my own body strengthening and conditioning exercise program as a stand alone to the required daily classical ballet technical class held by the company.

My fully equipped studio provides a clinical environment focused towards building stronger, better feeling bodies that support us in our lives, so we can do the things we love doing. We are the “everyday athletes” who want to experience better movement function with reduced physical pain.

It’s easily understood that most of us haven’t gotten through life without a hitch. Perhaps you’re finding your body isn’t keeping up with daily routines, sporting interests and the like. Pilates, when applied to an individuals’ care can be the medicine needed to rectify this; although it needs commitment to get you there.

Pilates draws breathe and strength back into our mind and body, but weekly commitment is necessary to get you feeling better and stronger. And to sustain ourselves throughout the course of our lives no matter our age, fitness or pathology diagnosis.