Dancers Simone Clifford & Robert Canning

Revelation and Fall choreography by Glen Tetley 1984

One could easily view life as a series of revelations and falls. No matter what path we choose to express ourselves in during our lifetime.

My goal has always been to discover, interpret and ultimately make peace with the life I’ve been given. There always seems more to do, more to learn, more to discover. No matter what age and stage of life, every new moment potentially heralds a new beginning. And potentially more revelations and falls! But hopefully as we get more experienced in life these even out.

My journey with the body, training it and disciplining it from a young age into adulthood has lead me to experience many revelations and falls throughout the chapters of my life. Movement of the body is my expression. For me this is life. Movement both healed and nurtured me. This lies at the heart of every dancer and it doesn’t stop once the professional dance career ends. And it needn’t exist only in the dancer’s domain!

The healing properties of movement through the modality of Pilates can be experienced by everyone because the body loves to move (it does not like to be static for prolonged periods). Moving in controlled, purposeful ways soothes the mind, harmonises the relationship of mind and body easing the nervous system for enhanced feelings of well being.

Everyone needs Pilates no matter if they are in a revelation or a fall period of their life.

No matter what age or stage of life you are in!